Haphazard Harmony Tableware by Maarten Baas
by Harry / November 16, 2012
The tiny feet of Maarten Baas' Haphazard Harmony tableware aren't the only things that set this unique collection apart.

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This full range of tableware was based on intuitive sketches by Baas which were translated directly into handmade foam models. Moulds of the foam models were then created for casting the porcelain pieces. Unlike computer aided design which strives for smooth lines and symmetry Baas "makes pieces in which the personality and spontaneity of the maker are still visible and can be felt" says producer DHPH.


"With Haphazard Harmony he creates an atmosphere of related characters, a family. This feeling is accentuated by the differentiations within the versions of the cups and the mugs. It's a haphazard collection, yet they're all in harmony with each other..."


Made of porcelain with an ivory glaze, 20 pieces form a complete set. Haphazard Harmony was designed by Baas in 2009 and will be available through Den Herder Production House from December 2012/January 2013. Photos: Chris van Koeverden .


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