Fogger Vertical Planting Unit by Lorenz Schott & Michael Lessmoellmann
by Harry / November 14, 2012
Consumer demand for more transparency and information about the origin, quality and sustainability of food was the inspiration behind VAKANT Design's Fogger vertical planting unit.

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Says VAKANT, "The Fogger is a highly efficient, vertical planting unit. Just take some pre-germinated vegetable seedlings of your choice and insert them with the neoprene plugs into the pillar, fill up the tank with water and the included organic fertilizer, and you are ready to start your own fully automatic cultivation!"


"Up to six weeks the plants are self-sufficiently supplied with water and nourishment via a fogponic cultivation technique: Generated by an ultrasonic head the nutrient-rich fog flows around the roots that grow in the inside of the pillar. This way, a maximum oxygen supply is provided and the plants full growth potential is released."


"With taking only 0,3 m² ground space the foggers productivity is the same as of a 3 m² traditional garden area! Also the very low power consumption of less than 4 watts means a significant lower energy expenditure as packing and shipping of conventional vegetables do."


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