Gradient Cabinet by Ka-Lai Chan
by Harry / November 6, 2012
Ka-Lai Chan has created a cabinet that makes objects placed in it look like Op Art.

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Chan used latex and polyester cords for the cover of the cabinet. Wound around a metal frame, the cords create a pattern that makes objects placed into the cabinet appear visually stimulating - almost like objects of optical art.


Says Chan, "Through the lines the content partly is hidden, partly revealed. To get a good image of the objects in the cabinet, the viewer needs to interact with the objects by moving around the piece of furniture. Inside the cabinet, the objects appear to be floating by using clear hardened glass."


"The lines of the cabinet, which move from close to each other to further away are referring to the process of opening yourself to the outer world. Some objects are clearly visible, others (which are higher in the cabinet) require certain effort from the viewer before they can be fully discerned."


"One can put objects on the higher shelves to partly hide them, while partly showing them. This way you actually take a closer look at the content of the cabinet. Just as in real life, where you have to experience a person for a time to really get to know them."


Gradient Cabinet is being shown at Galerie Judy Straten.

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