Laser Cut Textile Facade by Ida Thonsgaard
by Harry / November 1, 2012
Ida Thonsgaard's laser cut curtain comes to life when light shines through it and fills the room with "a feeling of flickering lightpearls."

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Made for the outside of a new extension of an old house in the countryside of Brandenburg, Germany (by architect Peter Grundmann), the curtain covers one entire glass-facade and mesures 7 x 3.5 meters.


Says Thonsgaard, "The idea was to make an immaterial/illusional pattern, that would come to life only when light shines through it and fill the room with a feeling of flickering lightpearls.


"The colour black was chosen to show the contrast better between the material and the light."


"A 7 x 3.5 m big pattern was made out of small holes (ca. 1,5 cm) and cut out with an industrial laser cutter."


"The curtain hangs on the outside of the house and makes a very lively lightshow, both when the wind blows and when the sun shines."

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