Tuamotu Cooking Top by Espen Voll and Torbjørn Anderssen
by Harry / October 30, 2012
Espen Voll and Torbjørn Anderssen's Tuamotu is a compact cooktop with a difference, it's made of marble.

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Say Voll and Anderssen, "The solid marble base and cast iron details are elements of a rustic and contemporary attitude. These are classic and basic materials adjusted to a personalised and compact way of living. Everyday luxury with high quality materials and a timeless expression."


Tuamotu is one of four items being presented by Anderssen & Voll at Food Work, an exhibition by eight Norwegian designers on "objects of culinary experience", at Tokyo Design Tide 2012. The other three are Ori, salt & pepper shakers, Chef, wooden containers and Good morning, a moka pot.


Ori salt & pepper shakers

"These grinders and [salt] cellar were results from experimenting with origami in our studio. The shapes of folds and crystals inspired the idea of milling salt and pepper. The conflict between the top and the bottom parts is a physical representation of the internal grinding process. The grinders and cellar are made from maple wood and Corian."


Good morning moka pot

"This is our dream pot: a hybrid of the classic Italian pots, traditional Japanese handicraft, and Norwegian cravings for extra strong coffee. The pot is made in aluminium, with a walnut handle. The way the pot is divided tells the story of the transition from the crude to the refined - from beans and water to pure pleasure."


Chef wooden containers

"These are small, multi-purpose containers turned in pine wood. The shape is a direct result of how the hands usually operate in opening and closing containers: a truly handmade outline."


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