TID Watch No.1 by Form Us With Love
by Harry / October 25, 2012
Stockholm based Form Us With Love has created an iconic design for Swedish watch brand TID's first product, the No.1 Watch.

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Tid is the Swedish word for time and TID the company is a small design brand with a big ambition - to produce iconic products designed with time as a principle parameter.


Says Form Us With Love, "The idea of designing No.1 came from the somewhat paradoxical insight that wristwatches had become obsolete. The wristwatch lost its essentiality when devices for showing time moved into everyone's pocket."


"Now the wristwatch is one of the few pieces of jewelry many carry, its main function being to serve as the icing on your outfit cake. As product designers influenced by the Scandinavian tradition of functionalism, we where intrigued by this fact."


"Faced with the challenge of designing an object, when that specific object's raison d'etre was very much in question, the design studio turned its focus in a more philosophical direction - how do you design for time?"


"No.1 is the first result - an iconic watch that aims to withstand shifts in times and styles." More at TID Watches and Form Us With Love.


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