Nomadic Light by Katharina Eisenkoeck
by Harry / October 25, 2012
Katharina Eisenkoeck's Nomadic Light is a cordless light for the home made of leather and concrete.

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Nomadic Light is a family of portable and cordless lights created to adapt to the changing needs and uses of illumination within the home.


Says EKDESIGN, "The materials she used are leather and concrete. To stiffen the leather she boiled the material and shaped it around the concrete base. As part of the concept it was to create a coherent spatial setting through lighting."


"The user is able to create changing situations and moods through the way the three lights are used together."


"The light can be carried around, hung up or placed anywhere in the room or on the leather shelf itself without having to rely on a plug."


The lights built into the concrete base are LEDs that run on battery for up to nine hours. To recharge they're placed on a recessed area on the leather shelf. Through an inductive charging system built in the lamp and in the surface of the shelf they will be recharged within six hours.


The light itself can simply be switched on and off through a touch sensor.

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