Video: My New Flame Light by Moritz Waldemeyer & Ingo Maurer
by Harry / October 24, 2012
A digital candle with a flame composed of a double-sided display made up of 128 tiny LEDs per side realistically "flickers in the wind".

From a slight distance, or in darkened settings, the LEDs melt into a single image of a flame.

Located at the upper end of a thin black circuit board, the double-sided rectangular display of tiny LEDs renders an image of a burning flame.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Sophisticated programming of the LEDs and their warm colour temperature make the flame look surprisingly realistic. Adding to the realistic effect, the luminosity of the two 'displays' is roughly comparable to a standard white candle.


The combination of high-tech and poetic expression is an idea by Moritz Waldemeyer and was developed in collaboration with Ingo Maurer.

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