Tulipan Lamp by Tina Alnæs and WIlliam Kempton
by Harry / October 23, 2012
Tulipan is a slender but surprisingly voluminous pendant lamp made from a single sheet of either white PMMA or birch wood.

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Says Alnæs and Kempton, "Tulipan strives to be a vertically oriented, organic and three-dimensional shape with the main lines softly flowing in a rotational movement."


"During the design process, [we] discovered that the most interesting results came from the compositions with varied profiles and an opposed or angled direction to the center, because the flat bars then suddenly seemed to create a voluminous shape."


"Each lamp starts off as a kit that is easily assembled by the user. There's no separate, complicated manual. By reading simple instructions that are engraved on the inside of the lamp, the user can without doubts attach every part to its proper, numbered placement."


"In addition to electronic components, each lamp consists of a lower and upper circle, three inner structural beams which assembles circles, and twelve outer beams which are placed on the inner structure according to the numbers that are engraved on the inside of the lamp."


"The name Tulipan is derived from the designers mother tongue, and is Norwegian for tulip. It's a name that emphasizes the association values of the object: while having the rotational movement found in a conch shell, the outer assembled shape and composition of the bars are designed with inspiration from the petals of the tulip, surrounding the seed core - or the light bulb."


More at Tina Alnæs and WIlliam Kempton.


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