Weekly Top10 for October 21, 2012
by Harry / October 21, 2012
In case you missed it on Facebook and Twitter, here's our Top10 for last week.

MOCO Top10 this week #1:
It's easy to share an umbrella with Quentin de Coster's two-handed Branch.

MOCO Top10 this week #2:
A 3D printed shade by David Graas wraps a bulb in skyscrapers.

MOCO Top10 this week #3:
A double decker table does double duty for work and dining.

MOCO Top10 this week #4:
Transcending the simple notion of the bedroom as a place to sleep, Area Bed by Alain Gilles.

MOCO Top10 this week #5:
Thomas Schiefer's Lufttritt is more than inspired by suspension bridges.

MOCO Top10 this week #6:
Opening up the interior to the surrounding greenery in Lima, La Isla House by Llosa Cortegana Architects.

MOCO Top10 this week #7:
GALLERY: a modular space that uses greenery and labyrinth-like details for visual effect, K Residence Renovation by kräf•te / Yukio Kimura.

MOCO Top10 this week #8:
"Our aim was to create a bike that no-one can imitate because no-one would dare.", Coren urban bicycle Christian Zanzotti.

MOCO Top10 this week #9:
Surgical elimination was the key to this red brick reno, Ballsbridge by Peter Legge Associates.

MOCO Top10 this week #10:
To let in the light, E House by D.I.G Architects, a narrow-site structure with a difficult north-south facing, was given an extended "slit" window on the second floor.


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