Re-Ply Recliner by Dan Goldstein
by Harry / October 18, 2012
Dan Goldstein has created a sturdy minimalist chair that reclines from discarded boxes.

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The design employs a patent pending molding technique to shape four plys of cardboard into a strong, comfortable shell. Says Goldstein, "Boxes are collected, stacked, cut, and laminated into a completely new type of chair. Every element of the design emerges from multiple functions. The concept comes from thinking of cardboard as paper - I was very interested in origami as a child."


"Every element of the design emerges from multiple functions. For example, only one pair of bolts attach the seat to the metal base. These same bolts hold the crease and allow the the chair to gently rock - all in one move. The rocking motion makes the chair more comfortable than most static chairs, and allows it to accommodate a variety of activities."


Made by hand in San Francisco of corrugated fiberboard, steel rod, and felt, the Re-Ply is entirely recyclable. It can be left with exposed origin cardboard graphics, or printed on with custom logos and designs or covered with faux fur or thick felt "upholstery" options.

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