Doppeldecker Table by Bernotat&Co
by Harry / October 17, 2012
Bernotat&Co's Doppeldecker Table combines work and leisure with a movable lid that when flipped up creates a desk and when flipped down, a dining table.

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Says Bernotat&Co, "While the central eating table is everyone's favorite spot to work and put their laptop on, unavoidably the time will come that dinner is served, and cleaning up the place ends up in the so carefully prepared meal cooling off."


"Hastily cleaning the table is history with this table that provides two levels, one for working and one for relaxing. When working time is over, just close the lid and hide all the clutter of work in an instant."


"Doppeldecker saves space, and also helps you to organize your work with an IN and OUT section and elastic bands for random items. It can cleverly hide a multiple socket for loading laptop, mobile phone and camera."


"As a bonus, your laptop screen is on a more comfortable eye level when placed on the lid. The Doppeldecker was inspired by the ancient secretary, and also by the piano." Designed for, and photos courtesy of, Magazin.


Bernotat&Co will be showing Doppeldecker at Dutch Design Week 2012 at Eat Drink Drink Design.

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