Branch Umbrella by Quentin de Coster
by Harry / October 16, 2012
It's easy to share an umbrella with Quentin de Coster's two-handed Branch.

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Says de Coster, "Branch is an open invitation to share your umbrella."


The Branch handle was developed for Belgian non-profit Les Petits Riens/Spullenhulp. For 10 years now the organization has invited product and fashion designers to create unique pieces from second hand objects and clothes for their Second Hand, Second Life auction which raises funds to fight poverty.


"When it is raining and you are accompanied, it is often difficult to wait for the other and adjust your stride compared to its own. This double handle allows two people to hold the umbrella and leads them to walk at the same pace."


"[It's] an object that encourages people to move forward together in the rain, to be less individualistic and take time." Branch was 3D printed at i.materialise. More at Quentin de Coster.

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