Hub Installation by Allegory
by Harry / October 15, 2012
Swiss architecture & design studio Allegory has created a 3D textile sculpture that represents the phenomena of the hub, "where people come from different places, cross each other at this very particular point and then redispatch in various directions."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Allegory, "Every train station, airport, subway station, bus station can be considered as a hub. This project is designed as a 3D textile sculpture, going from a square shape on the wall to an organized line on the other side of the showcase."


"The project was conceived as an answer to the invitation of the Placette art space. Each month la Placette asks someone to occupy their showcase and to create something with only one rule, that it takes something from the project installed the previous month."


"In Allegory's case, the previous project was a hanging middle-eastern scarf, in other words a 2D knotted square piece of fabric hung on the wall."



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