Off-Kitchen by Daniele Bedini
by Harry / October 10, 2012
Daniele Bedini's Off-Kitchen can be turned into office space in an instant.

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Off-Kitchen is a versatile solution with no hardware under the sink - it's the first kitchen with no hardware under the sink. Everything is concealed within the legs: drain, water pipes, electrical supply.


The result is a multitasking kitchen that can convert into an office or creative space and back again in a matter of seconds, with doors to conceal appliances and panels to cover the island's sink, featuring a rotating retractable faucet, and cooktop.


Off-Kitchen was created for professionals and creatives who require versatility, functionality, and open space, "who are passionate about their work, but who also know how to set aside some time for fun and socializing..." says the maker, TM Italia.


"It responds perfectly to current trends that increasingly see the house also serving as a workplace and, vice versa, the workplace needing to transform readily into a warm, welcoming, and inviting setting to embrace the full dimension of what it means to be human."

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