Cersaie 2012: Organic Faucet by Philippe Starck
by Harry / October 9, 2012
The ergonomics are impressive on Philippe Starck's Organic faucet design for Axor; the end of the spout on the wash basin mixer regulates water flow, while turning the top end controls hot and cold.

The controls are literally embedded in the design, at first glance the user might not even know that they are there. A few subtle cues hint at the functionality, a thin band of red and blue in the gap at the top for temperature control, and a pinched spout suggest a handle-like control for the water flow.


It was one of the highlights of our recent trip to the Cersaie 2012 show. Axor Starck Organic is actually a collection that includes several types of faucets and controls as well as accessories for the bathroom.


Beside the collection's functional innovation, ecological advantages in the form of responsible water use were highlighted by Axor.


The water spray has been optimized to conserve water, it's a fine spray with two settings "economy" and "boost" that provide a good flow - and the sensation of flow - and yet conserves water compared to traditional faucets. The finer spray also minimizes splashing.


More at Axor Organic. Photos: Ryan Heiser.


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