Stuck Chair by Stefan Tervoort and Pim Snijdoodt
by Harry / October 8, 2012
Oato Design has reduced the seat back of their Stuck chair to a single bent steel tube.

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Stuck was created by taking apart all the elements of an archetypical chair and then rearranging them "as if they were simply stuck together" says Tervoort and Snijdoodt.


In their reductionist approach, all the elements now have a leading and supporting role in the structure of the chair.


The seating and legs are made of wood, only the backrest is made of steel so it won't lose shape when force is applied.


Stuck received a special mention for its innovative use of material and keen details at the ARC12 Chair design contest initiated by Thonet and Dutch architecture magazine De Architect.


More at Oato Design Office.

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