LightDrive Table Lamp by Raj Singh, David Lee, and Steven Peltier
by Harry / October 5, 2012
Radast Design has turned lamp design on its head with a light source in the base.

A high output LED module is housed in the base of the lamp. Using a specially designed optical waveguide, which works the same way as fiber optics, light is transferred to the top of the lamp where it's diffused into the room.

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The heat from the LEDs is safely and effectively dissipated within the base of the lamp. Steven Peltier, Radast Design co-founder explains, "we literally turned the design of the lamp on its head. By placing the light source in the base, we not only solved how to safely control heat, we also opened up a whole new world of possibilities in lighting design."


More at Kickstarter and Radast Design.

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