Mezzanino Table by Noa Ikeuchi & Tommaso Nani
by Harry / October 4, 2012
Isn't a coffee table a podium of sorts? A place to show some select prizes...

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Milan design studio mist-o had architecture, more specifically architectural detailing in mind, when they created Mezzanino, "There is a series of steps that direct one's attention to the world of architecture by calling to mind the stairs of buildings and monuments and the steps leading to the door of a house."


The stairs are a functional part, useful for magazines, small objects, vases, etc. as well as "a conceptual part which metaphorically goes from one world to another, from one space to another, from a chaotic outside environment to one that is calm and domestic on the inside." Designed for Mogg.

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