Flowers from Vienna by DING3000
by Harry / October 4, 2012
"The most stylish and courteous gift, the most charming gesture, the most magnificent ... and at the same time freshest and liveliest of all presents: a bouquet of flowers!" is what DING3000 is proposing as a souvenir for the city of Vienna.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Two versions of the lasercut metal flowers have been proposed; a bouquet that ships flat and is rolled for presentation in a vase, and a single pop-up flower.


"The gift of a single flower comes across as far more personal than a bouquet, making the postcard especially suitable for loving greetings from Vienna. The postcard's materials send a message too: metal endures forever - with gentle care, in patina or gloss. A blossom that never withers!" says DING3000.



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