Homune Table by Michael Young
by Harry / September 25, 2012
Even though designer Michael Young's Homune table is made entirely of crystal, hand-blown table leg in amber color and a hand-blown table top from clear crystal, it is an entirely functional table.

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Made by glassmaker Lasvit, their team developed specific blowing technology based on the Michael Young's 3D design. "After understanding the specifics of his design the team created special steel molds to have the glass be blown into." says Lasvit.


The table leg is made of 36 separate glass fractals, with 6 different forms repeating 6 times. Each of the 36 pieces was first hand blown and then put together as one piece to represent a fractal structure that appears to be endless construction in a geometric style.


Says design Young, "We discovered that by blowing glass into only one metal tool and cutting it at different lengths we could make logical and functional structures, the first thing being this special edition table."


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