Whiter than White Exhibition by Materials Council
by Ted Savage / September 24, 2012
With a clear and sweeping focus, "Whiter than White" by Materials Council explores "the pursuit of 'whiteness' in the built environment," with a highly-curated and hands-on exhibition of architectural materials and finishes at The London Design Festival 2012.


It's the inaugural showcase for Materials Council, a collaboration with the folks behind Architonic with Brad Turner and Ian Hunter, a new company that exists solely to keep architects and designers up-to-date in the fast-moving world of building materials and technologies. More at DailyTonic. Photos: Daf Photography.


http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2012/09/24/memento-commemoration-jar-by-arnaud-lapierre.php http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2012/09/24/impact-lamp-by-guillaume-blaichet-pierre-mourey.php
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