Shrinking Jug by Dave Hakkens
by Harry / September 22, 2012
Using porcelain's shrinking properties (when baked), it took 14 steps for designer Dave Hakkens to transform a 5 litre jug into a 10 millilitre jug.

Says Hakkens, "For me the coolest feature of porcelain is that it shrinks when you bake it. So when I heard this, I just had to see how far I could go."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"I made a huge jug from all kinds of materials to see the shrinking process on different textures. From this jug I made a mold and poured porcelain in."


"Then baked it at 1260 degrees, and it shrank; 14%. With this porcelain model I made another mold and baked it, it shrank again. Made a mold from this model and so on... Every time the porcelain deforms a little bit and slowly the textures loses its detail."


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