Icon Snap Ring by Brian Garret
by Harry / September 21, 2012
Brian Garret has created three series of 3D printed modular rings that snap together with rare earth magnets. Above, the Evil series with Hot Pink Hand Grenade, Royal Blue Bomb and Electric Yellow Tank.

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Royal Blue Bomb

Says Garret, "Jewelry is often so dull and static. I wanted to change that. The Icon Snap Jewelry is designed to be a fun and playful 3D-printed jewelry piece."


Posh Series

"You can change your fashion look with just a simple snap! The Icon Snap ring snaps together with a set of gold-plated, rare earth magnets. Every set contains 1 ring and 3 icons. There are 3 sets to start with, but more will follow."


The Posh Series features a mineral grey ring and three gems in hot pink, royal blue and electric yellow. "Where, when and how you choose to flaunt these pieces is all up to you--just the way we like it. After all, freedom and diamonds are a girl's best friend."


Shrunk Series

For the Shrunk Series Garret took the most notable pieces from the Freedom of Creation collection and "put them in a digital shrinking machine, the limited edition ring set boasts three eclectically-shaped design creations. Because the best things come in small packages."


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