Royal Mahuida Tableware by gt2P
by Harry / September 19, 2012
Chilean designers gt2P's Royal Mahuida Tableware gets its geometry from the spiral growth pattern of the Araucaria tree - which is sometimes continuous and sometimes discontinuous.

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Says gt2P, "Royal Mahuida (which means 'Native Forest' in Mapuche Chilean natives' language) is a tribute to the Inca Empire, devastated by Spanish conquerors. Incas, according to local traditional stories, had to bury and hide their gold in the Chilean native forest."


"We imagine that in a thousand years from now, after several mankind's conflicts and wars, there will be a reborn of our specie and civilization. Eventually, these new men will find the Incas' hidden treasures in the forest, being delighted by the forgotten beauty of gold.


"This is a tribute to the forest for providing the precious metal, just like Mapuches, who made chalices, plates and bowls in its honor. This collection gets its geometry from the spiral growing of Araucaria, a Chilean native tree, through a geometric pattern that sometimes is continuous and sometimes discontinuous. It is named after a Mapudungun word, a Chilean native language that means 'Native Forest'."


"Royal Mahuida is made of bronze, a noble material that resembles gold, through die-casting in molds copied from 3D printed models." More at gt2P.

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