Do-Rey Tableware by Tom Brooksbank & Allan Collins
by Ted Savage / September 18, 2012
Harnessing the power of the hexagon, Do-Rey Tableware by CoWorks is a fun and playful geometric approach to assemble-your-own, rooted in architecture and fine art.

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The silicone rubber-and-perspex geometrics come in three sizes - coaster, placemat and centrepiece - and in colours: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. Simply fit them together as you see fit.


Say Brooksbank & Collins, "These objects draw upon over two decades of prior research in the fields of architecture and fine art."


"Our collaboration thrives on the collision of divergent ideas within a shared area of investigation; we've used simple industrial processes (cutting and folding) to translate our drawings into a family of objects. And taken together or apart they all playfully resist being mastered by any single prescriptive function."


Do-Rey is part of DoReyMeFarSoLaaTiDoe, a collection of four objects designed collaboratively Brooksbank and Collins that includes tableware, a centrepiece and lighting.


Via MOCO Submit.

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