Plumen Light Bulb & Sky Planter Installation
by Harry / September 11, 2012
Sky Planter maker Boskke and the creators of the Plumen light bulb will be showing their latest products in a "living chandeliers" installation for the 2012 London Design Festival.


Original Plumen 001 and new Baby Plumen 001

Plumen will be showing their new "Baby Plumen 001" bulb, which has the form of the Original Plumen 001 design shrunk into a more compact format.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Original Plumen 001 and new Baby Plumen 001

Says Plumen, "As either a single element or in series and clusters, the Baby Plumen 001 has all the character and dynamism the original but offers new options for shades and environments."


Sky Planter Ceramic

Boskke will be introducing Sky Planter Clear, a completely transparent planter, allowing the user "to witness the dynamics of plant growth with soil and water visible through the clear planter."

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