Match System Shelving by Simone Spalvieri & Valentina Del Ciotto
by Harry / September 11, 2012
Simone Spalvieri and Valentina Del Ciotto's Match is a system born from simplification and reduction of compositional elements.

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The family of furnishing objects is based on four modules; a solid ash shelf, tubular tray supports, height-adjustable feet and locking screws all in gun-metal gray.


Says Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, "The coat hanger, with its two tiers, is very practical to put away bags and hats. All elements of the Match family are assembled very easily and without the aid of tools, this allows to sell disassembled spare parts, simplifying deployment."


Match System will be shown at the Mint Shop during the 2012 London Design Festival, from September 14 to 23, 2012. Photos: Federico Villa.


More at Spalvieri/Del Ciotto.

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