Tribe Tableware by Dieter Amick
by Harry / September 10, 2012
Dieter Amick looked back in history and rediscovered a forgotten aesthetic for his Tribe tableware project.

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"This Egyptian goddess holding a bowl of water on her head is a poetic artifact that expresses the simple idea that 'a tool is an extension of the human body.'"


"I wanted to take this relationship between human-beings and the tools we're dependent on and exemplify the idea in a set of dish-ware."


"The reflective ball seen in nearly all the pieces draws the user in and signifies the point of interaction. This touch point was chosen for it's simple and universal interaction, something as simple as opening a door or picking an apple out of a tree."


"Relating back to the original Egyptian sculpture that inspired this set, a 'primitive modern' aesthetic was used to both relate back to when man first began creating tools for himself and to the sophisticated finely tuned products of today."

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