Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove
by Harry / August 30, 2012
From @gpapove, a laptop stand made of concrete.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Papove, "Foundation is a laptop stand that addresses the mobility of objects. As our lives become increasingly mobile, so do our belongings. The computer has become a very portable object, going from home to work, to the cafe, and anywhere in between."


"This laptop stand acts as a dedicated place to keep your computer within your home. It takes inspiration from housing foundations and is created by using formwork similar to full-scale housing construction."


"It is made of concrete, which juxtaposes the modern technology, and helps keep your computer cool to prevent overheating."


"It fits a thirteen inch MacBook, and has underground parking for an external hard-drive, with places for an iPod and cellular phone." More at Greg Papove.

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