Al Aire (between air) Installation by Selgás & Cano & josepselga
by Harry / August 28, 2012
From @SpainLab, an installation at the 13th Biennale of Architecture in Venice that explores technology and nature.


Part of SPAINLAB at the Spanish Pavillion, Selgascano's living installation was conceived as an architectural and biological lab that hopes to "redefine our inbred preconceptions on what is natural and to develop new ways of gaining back terrain for nature."


Says Selgascano, "By using technology Al Aire attemps to re-use existing technology so that nature can sprawl. We are using technologies coming from the world of agriculture as architecture tends to be, out of its own nature, a slow field in terms of innovation."


"We are using new containers that allow the growth of plants in a very small surface of substrata. We are also working with hydroponics as to investigate the idea of earthless cultivation. Out of all this, a new movable agriculture emerges, and we will draw conclusions both in the botanical and architectonical fields, by using a wide variety of plants and by working on a new paradigm of elastic, adaptative architecture." Photos: Roland Halbe.

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