Dottinghill Temporary Tattoo Platform
by Harry / August 8, 2012
From @dottinghill, an online design community for skin-accessories, aka temporary tattoos. Above, Dandelion Clock by James Alan DeMers.

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Pop Ride by Fábio França

Dottinghill is a combination of founders Mike & Tammy's appreciation for skin-art and a desire to set up a platform for designers to express themselves on an alternative medium like temporary tattoos.


Water Melon by Jonah Block

Says Mike & Tammy, "Our hope is to popularize skin-accessories as wearable little pieces of art that anyone can use as an everyday alternative form of accessory to complement their outfits, moods, events, partners or just because."


Screaming Party by Bernd Wachtmeister

Submitted designs are scored by Dottinghill members and the most popular designs can be selected for print as skin-accessories that can be purchased on the site.


Octo by Schuyler Abrams

More at Dottinghill.

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