Loft Evo Chair by Zbigniew Strzebonski
by Harry / August 5, 2012
From modestwork, a bent steel bar furniture collection.

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Loft Evo's chair design began with an analysis of the archetypal chair "then elevating it into an assertive, comfortable and versatile piece of contemporary design" says Strzebonski.


"Conceived as a logical evolution for the Loft chair which was first exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2011, Loft Evo has perfected the sculptural lines of its predecessor by improving usability and simplifying the manufacturing technique."


"Strong lines and broad curves create pieces with the versatility and presence to sit as well on a patio as around a dining table."


"The Loft Evo collection now includes coffee and dining tables. These new pieces echo the geometric rigour and easy versatility of the original chairs, pursuing a bold design through thoughtfully composed, simple shapes."

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