Pergunta Ao Galo Coatrack by Rui Pereira
by Harry / July 27, 2012
From Rui Pereira, a combination coatrack and umbrella port with a weathercock-like rooster on top that indicates the current weather.

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Says Pereira, the starting point for the project "was how weather impacts our daily life, affecting our mood. As a reflection, I proposed 'Ask the Cock' an ode to an object that always fascinated me: the traditional Portuguese meteorological cock."


"This hanger / umbrella port, aims to avoids the typical question 'How's the weather today?' Before leaving the house, the user just needs to check the colour on the cock and dress accordingly - when the cock is blue the sky is clear while if it changes to pink, the possibility of raining is really high."


Pergunta ao Galo was commissioned by Rita Botelho, the founder of Design à Mão, a Portuguese design platform that works as a meeting point for Portuguese craftsmen and designers.

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