RBW Bar Kit by Rich Brilliant Willing
by Mike / July 25, 2012
From @RBW_Studio, a glass dome, two drinking glasses, a marble millstone and an aluminum base with a wooden handle that also doubles as a muddler.

Rich Brilliant Willing have created a family of objects for the ritual of drink making. The handle/muddler can be rotated to grind pepper for cocktails, while the dome is sized to perfectly fit a bottle of a small bottle of vodka - the project is a collaboration with Karlsson's vodka.

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The pepper grinds by simply turning and cranking the hickory handle around the circular form, pushing the cracked pepper to the edge of the kit's base, while releasing an aromatic scent. "We wanted to experiment with mixing new processes with raw materials," says Theo Richardson, co-founder of Rich, Brilliant, Willing.


"The bar kit is a self-contained unit that is also kinetic and moving. The aluminum gives the appearance of clean, simple lines, but the glass dome and heavy marble contrasts to provide warmth to the overall design. The set works as both a functional tool for drink-making and as a stand-alone sculptural object."


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