Kundera Chair by Paulo Neves & Alexandre Kumagai
by Harry / July 20, 2012
From GUD Conspiracy, a solid oak wood chair with visible joinery, where the seat back provides structure - not the seat, "the tenon joints are left visible to emphasize that."

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Says GUD Conspiracy, "A dialectic between weight and lightness is established by the chair: on the one hand, the design elevates it, on the other, the weight of the solid wood makes it sit closer to the ground. 'What shall we choose then? Weight or lightness?'"


"The seat, made in solid oak, frees the chair from the structure; the seat panel is actually the structuring element of the chair - the tenon joints are left visible to emphasize that."


"The profile of the legs as well as the arm and back beams are smoothed out thanks to the chamfers in the edges, communicating lightness to the whole. The same is used in the front and back edges of the seat panel to achieve a similar result."


Kundera was designed for WEWOOD.



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