Conoscenti Shelving Unit by Lapo Binazzi and Bethany Jacobsen
by Harry / July 11, 2012
From the Florence Institute of Design International, a colorful shelving design with rectangular units that can be reconfigured by the user.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Originated as a class project between Professor & Architect Lapo Binazzi and his Master Student, Bethany Jacobsen, Conoscenti is made of brightly painted MDF panels that juxtapose primary colors.


"The piece became independently architectural, released from any dependency on a wall - meant instead to create or define space on its own. Open-ended cubes are suspended within the frame in a variety of volumes, which can be choreographed in a number of ways" says Jacobsen.


"The depths of each cube are varied to create a sculptural, multi-dimensional quality". More at Genesi.

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