The TO DO List: Heidi Earnshaw
by sabine7 / June 26, 2012
Our TO DO list grows. Heidi Earnshaw Design is a Toronto studio specializing in handcrafted wood furniture: work that is somehow both straight-up/no-nonsense and romantic at the same time. Earnshaw uses traditional craftsmanship within a contemporary context to create clean lines accented by details that invite the user to incorporate the object into the ritual of everyday living. The work is simple, elegant and accessible. Heidi and her team create work that is meant to last for generations, but we thought we'd focus on the moment and ask her about right now.


Tripod side table - white oak with natural iron stain and pigmented oil

Heidi, we saw your work both at IDS and Capacity last January; what's on your design TO DO list right now?

Design does take place all the time, from rearranging my living room furniture to envisioning the plans and elevations of a future country retreat but always at the top of our design TO-DO list at the studio are the projects commissioned by our clients. Current projects include a desk and library shelving, a sideboard, exterior dining chairs, dining, coffee and side tables, a pair of chaises and a bedroom suite for a Muskoka cottage.


Windsor hall bench scale model with the spokeshave that inspired it

Collaborating with clients is always an engaging and rewarding experience because each client brings a particular perspective that pushes us to broaden our aesthetic ideas and our process. In turn, those ideas enrich our visual palette and find their way into the speculative projects that we produce. The hope this year is to design some smaller objects and lighting that are simpler and more sculptural than the pieces we are more typically commissioned to make but "how" we design is always more important than "what" we design. We try to reflect our values in every project using materials sensibly and designing with a multi-generational lifespan in mind. We listen carefully to our clients needs in the hopes that we can meet those needs in a way that is meaningful and enriching.

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