Poly Bowls by Martin Žampach
by Harry / June 23, 2012
From @Zampik, a set of hexagonal bowls made of rusted steel, anodized aluminum and a veneer/cork sandwich combination.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Rusted Steel Poly Bowl in 3D

The bowls come in different sizes and proportions and fit together in several ways to form 2D/3D shapes.


Veneer + Cork Poly Bowls from above for the 2D-3D effect

When the parts are locked to form the bowl, the structure gets its strength.


Anodized Aluminum Poly Bowls

Poly is part of Colab 01, a series of works using polygons, straight lines and angles that was shown at the 2012 DMY Berlin design festival. More at Martin Žampach.


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