Integrate: Time and Space Blankets by Cristian Zuzunaga
by Harry / June 20, 2012
From Christian Zuzunaga, a collection of blankets that explores colour and scale through architectonic shapes and digital imagery.


Part of Zuzunaga's Alchemy series of textiles, Integrate: Time and Space is about the process of transformation.


Says Zuzunaga, "Each design starts from a photograph we have taken of the urban environment. We use this analog image and transform it into a digital one. This enables us to manipulate it and create designs that are then applied to products using different materials, printing and manufacturing techniques."


"The new collection specifically seeks to explore colour and scale through architectonic shapes and digital imagery. It reflects alchemy not only through its original design process, but also through the transformative effect that results from making products by hand."


Each blanket is handwoven on a wooden loom by skilled craftsmen at Teixidors in the Spanish region of Terrassa, near Barcelona. Teixidors is a company that started life as a social project in 1983 with a goal to help and support people with learning difficulties by teaching them the art of manual weaving. It now works with people with a wide range of disabilities and to this day, works to integrate people at risk of exclusion by teaching them a creative trade and developing exceptional products.

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