The TO DO List: Bev Hisey
by sabine7 / June 19, 2012
As you may have read here on MOCO, January 2012's Toronto Design Offsite Festival, a.k.a. TO DO, impressed us. For its breadth and vitality, but mostly for Toronto's design talent which has grown and matured into a strong and diverse creative community.

Now we're inspired to take a closer (albeit brief) look at what this city's creatives are up to right now, six months on. Why wait for the next show? Toronto is the first in a city series of posts where we will be taking a quick look at what a given city's creatives are up to at any give moment. First up, Textile designer Bev Hisey who has been busy...

Bev, design takes place all the time; what is on your personal design to-do list right now?

I have just re-worked my work space at Dundas St. and I have opened the space to the public.


It looks totally different from when you were here in January. I have made a sliding carpet wall with my greatest hits; I am also selling my new pixel collection, as well as a well-curated collection of vintage Scandinavian/Italian glass and ceramics.


I am also re-working small vintage furniture pieces. I have numerous collections of kitchenware, lighting and other curios that I will be adding to the store on a regular basis.


Re-working small vintage furniture pieces?

I am always finding vintage pieces that have unusual silhouettes. I choose to re-do pieces that once re-done, may not necessarily look vintage anymore. I also typically lean towards solids. Those pieces work well with my carpets and cushions.


What's next on your TODO list?

Due to a recent ankle injury, I am making a concerted effort TODO a lot of relaxing, at least for another month.

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