RISD 2012 Grad Exhibition
by Harry / June 2, 2012
From the @RISD 2012 Grad Exhibition, a selection of works. Above, Brendan Keim's handturned birch and walnut Lightsticks candle holders.

An annual event open to the public, the RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition features a wide range of work by master's candidates who will graduate in June. Here are some of our picks for 2012.

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Conversable Stool by John Nguyen, a chair design that allows for alternative uses when not in use as a chair.

More than 180 graduate students showcase entire bodies of work in disciplines ranging from the architectures (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture), to the fine arts (Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry + Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles), to design (Digital + Media, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design) and art education (Teaching + Learning in Art + Design).


Kate Walton's porcelain Floral Pot, "Kate and her art exist in a state of stylish awkwardness."

Inside custom-constructed galleries within the large exhibition hall, students are showcasing multiple pieces or large installations from their thesis work - the manifestation of two or three years of research, experimentation, critical thinking and honing of their craftsmanship and expressive capabilities.


Andrew LeClair's This Is Not A Book, an archive of 1,895 updates posted to Twitter from July 9th, 2009, to December 7th, 2011.


Xingjie Zhu's The Evolution of Chair Legs, using a genetic algorithm based on the theory of evolution, the legs of these chairs are determined according to the user's height and weight, which generates a population of random chair legs.


Radhi Desai & Varsha Menon's Spiral Stack, a versatile, interactive and adaptable piece of furniture. Each L-shaped unit can be fanned out in a spiral or stacked up.


Ayisha Verma, Beatriz Cardona & Mónica Alicea's Fanlight Wall, an abstracted ceiling fan converted into modules and interconnected be-comes a partition and a lighting component to brighten the surrounding space.


Whitney Artell's Nature vs. Culture jacquard woven fabrics.


Brendan Keim's Lightsticks "aims to reconnect adults to everyday objects as we once were when we were children."

More at 2012 RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition.


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