Micol Lamp by Cristiano Mino
by Harry / May 29, 2012
From Cristiano Mino, a lamp made of a few simple parts; a concrete brick, some wooden planks and a sheet of recycled plastic.

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Says Mino, "After dedicating twenty years to project object for the industry, I asked myself a question: 'can creativity trespass in poetry, decreasing the large production costs?'"


"Micol, my daughter's name, comes from a vision: the desire to self-produce a product with very few resources; a concrete brick, some wooden planks, and a simple sheet of recycled plastic."


During Milan Design Week 2012, the Campana brothers and Alexander von Vegesack, founder and director of the Vitra Design Museum, gave Micol first prize in the Homeless Design Competition. The competition's aim was to reward objects that were designed to be produced optimizing material and time.



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