Symtra Lamp by Peter Stathis
by Harry / May 23, 2012
From @humanscale, a lamp that consists of a "bulb-less" archetypal lampshade with the primary light source being the shade itself.

A symbol of domesticity, the lampshade has become a recognized object of comfort in today's culture. Yet, with today's miniature LED technology serving the same purpose, traditional lampshades have become increasingly unnecessary.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


Says Stathis, Symtra is "a contemporary light that merges poetics with technology, symbolism with function and aesthetics with ideology in creating a new image for a long traditional lighting icon."

The lamp utilizes optical waveguide technology on its inner panels that casts warm, glare-free illumination over a broad surface. The lamp head also has a full 360° range of rotation.

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