Trellis Fruit Bowl by Scott Klinker
by Harry / May 22, 2012
From @cranbrookart, a patterned fruit bowl laser cut from a square metal sheet, perforated and then deep-drawn.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Klinker, "The perforation is made by rotating a single triangular shape with rounded corners repeatedly 90°. Perforation (the square is divided along the diagonals) has been used to obtain the folding of the feet."


"In fact, the angles which form it are created by bending the sheet in line with the square's diagonal (4). This arrangement maintains clean visual contours without interrupting the design."

Trellis was shown at METAL WORKSHOP: Cranbrook for Alessi at ICFF 2012, an exhibition in material studies, product proposals and pre-production samples created by a mix of Cranbrook-based metal artists and designers working together on an open-ended material investigation. The exhibition coincided with the reopening of the Alessi Soho flagship store in New York, which has been closed for two months for renovation.

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