Desk 117 by David Hsu
by Harry / May 22, 2012
From @nzer, a desk with a large working surface, integrated power strip and cable-caching space... inspired by stealth bombers.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Hsu, "Admiring minimalist-style, yet reconciling with my former techie-self, this Desk 117 was designed with 'cable-caching' in mind. An embedded power strip provides electricity devices as well as lighting while cable-managing."


"In addition to a large access panel in the rear, there are multiple trap doors for monitor cables, ethernet cables, speaker cables... etc. A large working surface area was deliberately specified for this desk for those of us who still use paper..."


"The secondary surface is deep enough to hold a 27-inch monitor/computer, not to mention stereo speakers on the side." Desk 117 was shown at the Model Citizens NYC exhibit during New York Design Week 2012. More at David Hsu Design.

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