Modern Record Console by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond
by Harry / May 21, 2012
From @symbolaudio, a sound system console that pays homage to the ubiquitous all-in-one hifi console of the 1950's.

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Says Symbol, "Each cabinet is individually crafted in the tradition of fine bench-made furniture from solid American Walnut. The sculptural metal base is constructed from 1/4" plate steel and hand patinated to create a warm natural finish."


"Lift the lid and expose the hand built tube amplifier and turntable set into patinated steel plates and begin to discover a one of a kind music console that integrates traditional 'old school' electronics with modern wireless capabilities."


"The electronics are custom designed and built for Symbol Audio by experienced audio engineers and include a hand-wired tube amplifier that delivers a warm pure signal to the two 6.5" full range speakers."


"Tucked out of view into the steel base is a second dedicated amplifier and subwoofer designed to extend the low end frequency and provide added richness to the sound. For the convenience of streaming digital music just switch the selector from turntable to WiFi and stream from any digital source through the built-in wireless router and control music selections from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or computer."

More at Symbol Audio.

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