NYDW 2012: Once Removed Exhibition
by Harry / May 19, 2012
From @once__removed @nohodesign, a showcase for objects bound not by aesthetic or function, but through a shared history of visual cues.

The show's curators, Jaime Kopke and Jordan Kushins, asked nine designers/studios to take a set of images from their daily lives, which then served as the inspiration for another studio's design.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Clip Buttons by Studio Swine inspired by the island hopper plane image up top

These images could be used in whatever way the receiving studio saw fit, whether it was developing a product that suited some need in another's world or simply incorporating a particular pattern, shape, color or material from one of the images.


London based collective Studio Swine was influenced by an image of an island hopper plane shot by New York designers, Fort Standard (image up top).


Says Studio Swine, "The image of the cockpit really appealed to us, the way the pilot can feel the different lever tops in zero visibility. We wanted to make buttons that would carry tactile information. The brass buttons clip onto existing buttons, allowing customization of any clothing."


Once Removed will be on display at 22 Bond Street in NoHo, from Friday May 18th to Monday May 21st, 12-7 PM daily.


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