Video: Elements House by William Kaven Architecture
by Harry / May 18, 2012
From William Kaven Architecture, a short film by Creative Director Daniel Kaven lensed at one of the design studio's dwellings under construction on a dramatic perch in rural Mosier, Oregon.

The video visually explores Elements in the context of the Columbia River Gorge, an 80 mile canyon that separates Oregon from Washington continuously to the Pacific Ocean.

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"The film series was born from our desire to communicate our design aesthetic in a much more experiential manner. Too often architecture is relegated to static images, even though the inherent art of architecture is three-dimensional and fluid. In film, one can hear and move from one space to the other, which is much more like living and breathing in a space," says William Kaven Managing Director and filmmaker, Daniel Kaven.


Elements is situated on a complex site in Mosier, Oregon with panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge and the Coyote Syncline.


The home is comprised of an expansive open living space on the upper level that is separated from the harsh elements and the steep hillside only by a wall of glass continuous across the view to the gorge below.


A dramatic terrace cantilevers extensively towards the river west and provides covered exterior living.


The lower plinth of the structure, from which numerous rectangular forms cantilever from above, house the primary sleeping quarters and steps down onto the ground, connecting with the surrounding high desert landscape.


Elements is slated for completion in the Summer of 2012.

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