Ruskii + Ruskii Twist by Enrico Zanolla
by Harry / May 10, 2012
From @enricozanolla and VISO, a series of suspension lamps that pay "tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of the St. Basil cathedral in Moscow."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Zanolla, "During my stay in Russia I spent time observing and studying the constructive system of the domes. The difference in colour and size comes from symbolic meanings assigned to every single dome."


"A great attention has been paid to details and quality of realized domes, and everything was made without using a 3D CAD. So these charming domes became a challenge and a strong idea to convert them in lamps, mainly because they were designed like candle flames symbolizing that every man is 'the light of the world'."


"The final suspension lamps are characterized by dynamic shapes, reflecting the movement of a candle and at the same time containing the modular constructive system used in the original domes."


More at VISO and Enrico Zanolla.

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